The Girls Of Series in Playboy 1960 -1969

In 1960, Playboy Magazine published a pictorial titled The Girls of Hollywood. The Hollywood pictorial was the first of 18 pictorials featuring girls from places inside and outside the US. The Girls of series would show girls from exotic places like the Orient, Tahiti and Rio and from famous cities such as London and Paris. The pictorials would span over 8 to 10 pages and show girls with little or no dress. The featured girls were a mix of aspiring models, local public figures and the average next door girl. The Girls Of series became  popular among playboy readers in the 60s and seriously added to the nude girl fame of the magazine.

List of all the Girls Of pictorials in Playboy from 1960 to 1969
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Girls of New York,  February 1961
Girls of Hawaii, August 1961

Girls of The Riviera, July 1965

Girls of Tahiti, December 1966

Girls of Paris, July 1967

Girls of Scandinavia, June 1968

All The Playmates of The Year 1960 to 1970

Since 1960, Readers of Playboy Magazines have voted for the Playmate of the Year. The most popular playmate of the previous year would get featured in pictorial. Here is a list of Playmates of the Year from 1960 to 1970

1960 Ellen Stratton
Playmate of the month December 1959

1961 Linda Gamble
Playmate of the month April 1960

1962 Christa Speck
Playmate of the month September 1961

1963 June Cochran
Playmate of the month December 1962

1964  Donna Michelle
Playmate of the month December 1963

1965  Jo Collins
Playmate of the month December 1964

1966  Allison Park
Playmate of the month December 1965

1967  Lisa Baker
Playmate of the month November 1966

1968  Victoria Vetri
Playmate of the month September 1967

1969  Connie Kreski
Playmate of the month January 1968

1970  Claudia Jennings
Playmate of the month January 1969

The Vargas Girls in Playboy Magazine 1960 to 1969

In 1919, Peruvian born Alberto Vargas embarked upon an artistic career that would span more than six decades. His career really took off when a friend of Flo Ziegfeld spotted Vargas in the window of a New York typewriter shop doing a portrait of a girl as public stunt. Soon after Vargas started as official painter for the Ziegfeld Follies and quickly earned a reputation as a brilliant artist, particularly for his ability to capture the radiant beauty of American women.

After Ziegfeld’s death in 1932, Vargas headed for Hollywood where the lent his talent to 20th Century Fox. Vargas returned to New in the early 40ties after being black listed by the film studios because he joined fellow employees in a strike. He showed his work to Esquire and soon replaced Petty in the pages of that Magazine.  In the late 40s Vargas and Esquire ended in a divorce after bitter litigation. During the following decade (50s) he found only sporadic work primarily for advertising agencies and other free-lance assignments. In the 60s Vargas started to publish his famous Vargas girls in Playboy Magazine where he gained popularity for glorifying the American girl. 

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Playboy, December 1960

Playboy, March 1961

Playboy, February 1962

Playboy, April 1963

Playboy, May 1964

Playboy, February 1965

Playboy, October 1966
Playboy, March 1967
Playboy, June 1968

Playboy, November 1969